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IMPACTO Rhinotuff Puncture Resistant Insole Size 7-8, 9-10, USA

IMPACTO® Puncture Resistant Shoe Inserts / Insoles
Provide Comfortable Support and Puncture Protection.

• Insoles designed for continuous wear
• Fits in most types of boots and shoes
• Offers great comfort for sensitive feet
• Comfortable, lightweight and flexible
• Helps decrease worker lost time, injury compensation and insurance premiums
• Stainless steel plate provides protection against puncture
wounds to the feet caused by sharp objects such as nails,
scrap metal, iron shards and rocks
• Insoles meets minimum force resistance of 270 Lbs. as specified in ASTM F2413
• Transform low-cost boots and shoes into orthotically
comfortable, puncture resistant footwear for a fraction of the cost associated with high-end work boots
• Helps prevent the risk of bruising, bruising, turf toe and
the risk of foot infection
• Fabric cover wicks away moisture


7-8, 9-10