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IMPACTO TOES2GO Steel Toe Cap Protector Black/White

The IMPACTO TOES2GO Toe Cap Protector safeguards the toe area from
accidental, impact, crushing or stubbing .Ideal for working environments that carry a risk of toe damage or have a steel toe cap requirement. Made off flexible. pliable PVC and features a slip-resistant triad

Features include:
.Fully adjustable 18? x 1? strap and hook and loop closure that allow fo versatility of use
·100% waterproof

·Resistant to hardening, stiffening, and cracking
.Can be worn over heels. dress shoes. running shoes, and most boots
.Suitable to an array of working environments? perfect for visitors, casual or temporary workers, management, clerical staff, and sales people
Sold per pair.

Sizes:S (M: 2-7.W:4-9)



Toe is color-coded to indicate size. Select sizes are based on the size of your footwear. For shoes with bulkier soles, a larger size might be needed.


Large, Small