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SUNDSTROM H05-0002 Premium Pack A1P3 with SR100 Half Mask Silicone Respirator Size M/L

SUNDSTROM H05-0002 Premium Pack A1P3 with SR100 Half Mask Silicone Respirator Size M/L

Half mask SR 100 with particle filter SR 510 P3 R & gas filter SR 217 A1, pre-filter, pre-filterholder, cleaning wipe

All packed in a practical storage box. Sundstrom Premium pack is suitable for use in dusty environments, for example with: Brush painting:gas fiter only, Spray painting:combined gas and particle fiters, High-pressure washing with degreasing:combined gas and particle fiters, Pesticides and spraying: combined gas and particle fiters, adhesives and lacquer with brush: gas fiter onlySR 100 Silicone Half Face Mask of Sundstrom Half mask with excellent fit, high protection level and very good breathing comfort for use in the toughest work environments.
• SR 100 made of Silicone size M\L
• 2 Exhalation valves, which ensures very low exhalation resistance
• The material and the pigment of the mask body are approved by FDA and BGA for foods, which minimizes the risk of contact allergies
• Easily adjustable elastic head harness straps of the mask are designed as a V-shaped loop and have a large dished crown plate, which contributes towards a comfortable and safe fit
• Supplied with pre filter holder allowing you to check face seal before and during work

Particle filter SR 510 P3 R Sundstrom traps and holds particles in the filtering media. Fits on all Sundstrom filterrespirator products.
• Specific filter SR 510 P3 R is reuasable and protect against all types of particles (dust, fume, fog, spray, asbestos), even bacteria, viruses and radioactive pollution.

Gas filter SR 217 A1 Sundstrom is designed to provide resparatory protection against specific contaminants. Fits on all Sundstrom filter respirator products
• Specific filter SR 217 A1 protects against organic compounds with a boiling point above 65°C. Tested and approved according to EN 14387:2004.