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INTREPID (USA) UDG22 Universal Double Bar PU Self-Closing Safety Gates, 22″

INTREPID (USA) UDG22 Universal Double Bar PU Self-Closing Safety Gates, 22″

The only PU TUV-tested safety gate in the world withstanding the 50 kg TUV impact test.

 The most reliable and safest way to protect people against accidental falls through guardrail openings.

 Intrepid universal double bar safety gate is made from strong, rigid polyurethane that meets and exceed OSHA requirements.

 The gate has a horizontal swing, not a vertical drop. The design relies solely on gravity. It does not depend on springs or the operator. When opened, the hinge design causes the blade to travel slightly upward. When the opening force is released, the blade is pulled downward by gravity and swings back to the closed position.

 The hinge, blade, pin, block and washer are molded from a strong, rigid polyurethane. The polymer is colored throughout with high visibility safety yellow. Hot dipped galvanized steel nuts and bolts are included for mounting to angle iron handrail. Test have been run to insure that they can withstand and exceed the OSHA 200 pound load requirement on the top rail and 150 pound load on the midrail.

 The polyurethane is relatively unaffected by sunlight and atmospheric corrosion. It will not corrode or degrade. There is nothing to wear out, replace, lubricate or paint.

 • Self closing by gravity

• Left or right opening

• Light weight

• Low investment

• Less expensive than steel gates

• Teflon bearings, no wear

• Corrosion resistant

• Maintenance free

• Easy installation

• High visible yellow

• Strong rigid construction

• Impact resistant

• Include one support block

• TÜV certification, indicating that the gates have been tested for safety and have met all the necessary requirements


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